Free: Backup and Recovery for Azure Active Directory. Full Protection for the Core of Your Business

Free protection for your Azure AD cloud data. Eliminate downtime and keep your business rolling with the most complete Azure Active Directory coverage on the market:

  • Free protection to safeguard the core of your business. Get even better coverage of Microsoft 365 with Azure AD protection
  • Difference reporting that helps you compare data across snapshots to pinpoint specific changes or deletions 
  • Stay compliant with long term retention and remove expensive storage costs
  • Fast and granular search and recovery features across Users, Groups, Roles, Administrative Units, Audit Logs, and Sign-In Logs

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Keepit Recognized as a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: SaaS Application Data Protection, Q4 2021

Why Is Backup of Azure Active Directory So Important?

What would happen to your company if Azure AD was compromised? Without access to Azure AD, you risk losing access to Microsoft 365 – including key apps such as SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Exchange, and any other third-party SaaS apps integrated with Azure AD.  


A compromised Azure AD can cause employees to lose access to key apps and put all work on hold. And without the ability to recover immediately, recovery timelines could bloat to days, weeks, or even months – severely impacting costs and the reputation of the company. 


Keepit’s free protection for Azure AD is a simple yet powerful service to help you take control by safeguarding your Azure AD infrastructure from accidental deletions and ransomware.

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#1 Coverage for Your Data

Keepit gives you the most extensive coverage to back up your Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory metadata. Metadata consists of relationships, licenses, authentication methods, and attributes of the following objects:





Role assignments 


Authentication methods such as phone and email methods  






Role assignments 




Role assignments 

Admin Units 


Scoped-role assignments 

Activity Logs 

Audit logs 

logs 

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Restore Azure Active Directory in Seconds

The M365 Recycle Bin was never intended to be an enterprise-level recovery solution. Avoid disruption due to lost or inaccessible data with Keepit’s instant and easy restore features.


Recover exactly what you need with ultra-fast smart search and intelligent restore features.


Our granular restore capabilities include:

  • In-place restore 
    Get data back to where it originally resided 
  • Restore in bulk 
    Recovery Azure AD metadata in bulk 
  • Restore subobjects
    Recreate missing subobjects together with the object you are restoring
  • Download 
    Download individual data objects or complete folders   
  • Sharable Links 
    Provide users with a secure link to their data   

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Simplify Your Workflow with Difference Reporting

Identify and determine when and which changes or deletions were made to objects:


  • View all attributes, relationships, and metadata related to a specific object for a complete overview before restoring 
  • Run difference reports to compare changes or deletions of objects across backup snapshots 
  • Restore objects directly from the reporting interface for simple and fast recovery 

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Easy Compliance Research and Governance

Evaluate the current state of your Azure AD infrastructure by comparing it to a point in time in the past to find changes or deletions - and if necessary, correct them.

  • Long-term retention of Audit Logs and Sign-In Logs 
  • Unlimited storage included. No need to buy additional storage for your logs
  • Simple download features in standard formats to help conduct log analysis 

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Monitor Backup and Recovery Activities with Dashboards

Stay in control and monitor your backup and recovery activities on one single page: 

  • Get detailed status messages of your connector and information to help you stay on top and react quickly  
  • Track backup progress in real time
  • Monitor and understand all recovery jobs, statistics, and analytics in one simple overview 

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Why Companies Globally Trust Us

Customers around the world have made Keepit their preferred SaaS data protection choice. Here’s why they trust Keepit to keep their cloud data safe:

Data Availability  

Exclusively dedicated to securing SaaS data, Keepit’s proprietary cloud is designed to ensure Azure Active Directory data availability — always. 

Cost Effective  

Protecting Azure Active Directory is free. Save money on long-term storage of activity logs. If you choose to use Keepit to protect other SaaS apps, everything is included in the seat price, keeping things simple. 

Simplify Data Compliance 

Stay compliant and minimize risk with long-term storage of Azure AD activity logs, fast information discovery, GDPR requirements, and easy retention policy management. 

Simplicity First  

A single service that covers Azure Active Directory and all your data protection needs. Loved by admins for its ease of use. Simplicity that will save you time. 

Instant Recovery  

Restore your Azure Active Directory data in seconds with our unique search and restore features based on ultra-fast indexing and reindexing algorithms.

Always Secure  

Described by analysts as industry-leading, our platform is purpose-built from the ground up for ultimate security of your Azure Active Directory data. 

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Dedicated to SaaS Data Protection, Loved by Customers

The world's only independent, vendor-neutral cloud dedicated to SaaS data protection, Keepit is trusted by thousands of companies worldwide to protect and manage their cloud data.


Leading analysts agree Keepit is the fastest and most secure enterprise-class SaaS backup and recovery service.

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We have saved quite some files in Office365 through Keepit and it has never let us down. It's easy to use, easy to introduce to new IT staff and the team behind seems very willing and open for new suggestions to integrations.

Oliver D
Manager systems
200-500 employees

Covers all our backup needs for the Office 365 suite - including Teams. Simplicity - easy to setup and get an overview

5000 employees

It's purely SAAS solution that does not require us to constantly purchase new hardware. It allows administrators to easily monitor, review and restore M365 data

Senior Global IT Infrastructure Specialist
Packaging & Containers
5000-10000 employees

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