Why cloud backup is needed Let us explain why protecting your cloud data is essential

Cloud data protection is your responsibility. And moving data to the cloud exposes it to risks. Adding an isolated and tamper-proof second copy is the only right move for any organization using SaaS.

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5 reasons why you need SaaS Data Backup

Data is your most important asset

In Today’s digital economy data has become the currency of enterprises. Losing it will result in loss of customers, brand, revenue and ultimately the company.

According to an IDC Study conducted by Keepit, over half of all security incidents have resulted in data loss.

Expensive business disruptions

Predictions are that over 70% of companies will suffer business disruption due to data loss in SaaS applications. It is up to you how fast – if at all - you can recover in those situations.

SaaS cloud data is not protected

Global SaaS vendors like Salesforce and  Microsoft don’t assume any responsibility for your data or how you use their applications. Your data is not protected. It’s your responsibility to act on this.

Compliance in a digital reality

Chances are you store personal data (PII) so you need to comply with GDPR like demonstrating the ability to quickly restore data in case of technical incidents.

Your employees, customers, and partners also expect you to have control of your vital business information.

Long data retention periods

Depending on your business and industry you will be subjected to different data retention periods requirements. You need to ensure to comply with those retention periods but also making sure that data stays uncompromised.