Backup and Recovery for Azure AD. Leading protection for your cloud security strategy

Keepit's leading protection for your Azure AD security strategy helps you recover business-critical identity and application objects that are not protected by Microsoft.

  • Ensure disaster recovery protection: Extend your retention period and protect objects not covered by Microsoft’s native retention
  • Strengthen security: Protect policies – not just data​ – and get full traceability of changes to access and device management policies
  • Improve IT efficiency: Selectively roll back changes and speed up troubleshooting
  • Protect against day-to-day data loss: Rapid recovery of accidental deletions and changes

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Keepit Recognized as a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: SaaS Application Data Protection, Q4 2021

Why Is Backup of Azure Active Directory So Important?

Azure AD is used by organizations to help control who has access to data and user information through secure authentication.  ​

Azure AD is used by  more than 550 million users  and is considered the heart of the business, making it imperative to protect it from data compromises. Without the right backup, you risk experiencing a security gap that can cause significant downtime, data loss, and lack of access to vital resources. ​


Microsoft has invested quite a bit of money in providing recovery (for versioning, recycle bin, and preservation features), but one area where the native protection tools are weak is in the directory.  ​

What if Your Azure AD Account is Deleted ? 

If your Azure AD account is deleted (by accident or maliciously), you can recover it for 30 days—but can you really trust the native recovery features? What happens if an admin receives a request to restore Azure AD cloud objects on day 31? And what about being able to roll back to a previous state if everything goes south? ​


It is vital that you can handle Azure AD downtime and data protection instantly—and avoid scenarios that involve entirely rebuilding the Azure AD environment, as it can take days or months and drain internal resources in the process.​

Keepit's leading protection for Azure AD is a simple yet powerful tool to help you close the gap in your cloud security strategy and recover business-critical identity and application objects.

Why backing up Azure AD is a risk management imperative

#1 Coverage to Support Your Security Strategy

Keepit gives you the most extensive coverage to back up your Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory metadata. Metadata consists of relationships, licenses, authentication methods, and attributes of the following objects:




Admin Units 

Activity Logs 

Audit logs 

logs 

Conditional Access Policies


Device Compliance Policies 

Device Configuration Policies 

Enterprise Apps

App Registrations

BitLocker Recovery Keys

Dive deeper into the Azure AD coverage

Restore Azure AD in Seconds

The M365 Recycle Bin was never intended to be an enterprise-level recovery solution. Extend your ability to recover Azure AD objects and avoid disruption due to lost or inaccessible data.

Our granular restore capabilities include:

  • In-place restore
    Get data back to where it originally resided
  • Restore in bulk
    Recover Azure AD metadata in bulk
  • Restore subobjects
    Recreate missing subobjects together with the object you are restoring
  • Download
    Download individual data objects or complete folders
  • Shareable links
    Provide users with a secure link to access and download their own data

Backup Azure AD for Free

Difference Reporting

Get full auditing and be able to track and trace changes to access and device management policies in order to evaluate the state of your Azure AD environment.

  • Extend your retention period
  • Protect objects and policies not covered by Microsoft’s native retention
  • Unlimited storage included—no need to buy additional storage

Full Auditing and Traceability

Get full auditing and be able to track and trace changes to access and device management policies in order to evaluate the state of your Azure AD environment.

  • Extend your retention period
  • Protect objects and policies not covered by Microsoft’s native retention
  • Unlimited storage included—no need to buy additional storage

Pricing and Packages

Leading Azure AD protection that will keep your data safe when Microsoft can’t

Azure AD Standard

We know how critical Azure AD protection is in keeping your network safe. That is why Keepit offers Azure AD Standard on the house for all businesses—protect Users, Groups, Roles, and Admin Units at no cost

Azure AD Advanced

Everything you need for best-in-class enterprise coverage of Azure AD, including Users, Groups, Roles, Admin Units, Conditional Access Policies, Intune Device Compliance Policies, Intune Device Configuration Policies, Enterprise Apps, App Registrations, and BitLocker Recovery Keys

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Why Companies Globally Trust Us

Customers around the world have made Keepit their preferred SaaS data protection choice. Here’s why they trust Keepit to keep their cloud data safe:

Business continuity

Preserve access to essential data and continue business operations with clean copies of your data

Instant recovery  

Find what you need quickly and restore individual records or entire application datasets in a few clicks

Leading security  

Prevent attackers from manipulating your backups and minimize the risk of data breach with reliable security 

Cost effectiveness  

Never worry about overage costs or hidden surprises with simple and transparent pricing that saves you money 

Outstanding simplicity

Minimize deployment efforts and significantly reduce admin time with a simple platform made to improve efficiencies

Customers report 78% ROI with Keepit: Read the full ESG Technical Validation

We have saved quite some files in Office365 through Keepit and it has never let us down. It's easy to use, easy to introduce to new IT staff and the team behind seems very willing and open for new suggestions to integrations.

Oliver D
Manager systems
200-500 employees

Covers all our backup needs for the Office 365 suite - including Teams. Simplicity - easy to setup and get an overview

5000 employees

It's purely SAAS solution that does not require us to constantly purchase new hardware. It allows administrators to easily monitor, review and restore M365 data

Senior Global IT Infrastructure Specialist
Packaging & Containers
5000-10000 employees

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