Keepit gives you the best backup with third-party data protection and management of SaaS workloads.

Designed from the ground-up to protect and manage your cloud data from a single platform. Keepit offers ground-breaking and unique capabilities, helping you stay in control and efficient.

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5 reasons making Keepit unique

Business continuity as a service

Data accidents or malware attacks – both do happen. Keepit helps you recover business-critical data in seconds, even if a full disaster recovery is needed. Keepit has unlimited data capacity and can handle the needs for data continuity for all types and sizes of corporations. Business continuity as a service.

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Secure by design – tamper-proof by nature

Keep your data for aslong as you need with an unlimited option. Backup copies are kept and transferred using military grade encryption.
Keepit also gives you blockchain data verification – your guarantee for tamper-proof storage.

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Easy to use

Part of Keepit’s mission is to make simple user experiences. Backup and recovery should simple to use, not complex. Which is verified by thousands of customers.

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Find and recover

No backup solution is better than its ability to restore. Get multiple restore options combined with an advanced search engine and become restore ninja in no time with Keepit’s unique Universal restore View.

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Customized To Your Needs

Keepit’s services are adapted to your specific needs. From backing up only part of a specific SaaS solution to ensure backup of across several services, such as Office 365 and Salesforce or Dynamics, backup and restore from Keepit is customized to your exact need. Of course, same goes for retention that could be anything from 1 year’s retention to forever – helping you ensure compliance too.

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More than backup and recovery


Unlimited retention and eDiscovery features makes it possible to use Keepit as an archive solution.


The eDiscovery feature and ability to restore to separate files makes it easy to produce evidence in case of legal challenges.

Protection of Intellectual Property

The tamper-proof backup enables a company to produce evidence of inventions and discoveries.


The flexible retention period, eDiscovery options and tamper-proof backup helps you to comply with data polices and legislation like GDPR and CCPA.

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