Keepit Comes to the Rescue for Digital Bros

After signing on with Keepit to back up all of their Microsoft Office data in 2021, the Digital Bros continued business as usual until they were searching for some files. They realized that some critical data had accidentally been deleted during a mailbox migration. Luckily, for Keepit customers, deleted data is never lost. IT Manager Giovanni Pisati recalls finding the deleted emails immediately in Keepit’s backup set.

After realizing that some critical emails had been deleted, I was instantly able to recover and restore the emails in Keepit's backup set, meaning all the deleted files were completely safe in Keepit's twice-daily backup procedure.

Giovanni Pisati

IT Manager

Keepit's Backup "A True Lifesaver"

After working with Keepit for about 6 months, the necessity of Keepit’s simple yet robust backup and recovery solution was revealed as they were quickly able to restore important data. Keepit’s solution saved Digital Bros time and money when they were in dire need of a data restore.

About Digital Bros

Digital Bros is a global company operating in the digital entertainment and hi-tech industry. The company creates, develops, and publishes video games for all consoles, PC, Mobile, and Streaming platforms and distributes them worldwide through digital and retail channels. Innovation, technology, and creativity are the drivers of the company’s success.