Keepit CEO talks about the yearly financial report and growth

March 28, 2020

We expect even higher growth numbers next year.

The Danish IT publication ITWatch has published an interview regarding the yearly financial report. The deficit of cloud company Keepit's bottom line has grown by over 200 percent, which is all according to the company’s growth plan.

"Right now, we want to press the accelerator as hard as possible. We hope our red numbers will be even bigger next year, because then we are embarking on an even bigger growth journey. All the investments we make are all being part of the yearly report, but we can only post revenue month by month. That's the whole challenge we are facing as a subscription-based business."

Frederik Schouboe

CEO and Co-Founder at Keepit

In terms of turnover, the company is moving towards the target of $10 million dollars in revenue approx. six months into the financial year 19/20.

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